Alonely is an installation that enables the visitor to explore the feeling of loneliness by interacting with their projected image through sound and movement. 
Listen and react - if you embrace your loneliness you will be rewarded!

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The Technology

The installation uses a 3D camera (Kinect).
One person is singled out of the crowd and is projected onto a large screen, isolated from the rest. 
Soon enough this person will hear a soft voice inviting him to get closer, explore the loneliness and embrace it.

Alonely - the technology we use

The team and the Process

The aloneliners are:
  • Dr. Eyal Gruss: Algorithmician & Digital artist
  • Alon Kaplan: Music/Sound
  • Batt: net artist / designer (
  • Adi Lavy: storyteller, co-director
  • Christiane Huber: storyteller, co-director
  • Rotem Levim : producer, storyteller, co-director
  • Neora ShemShaul : Web developer, storyteller (


Alonely was created and first performed during the hackaton in PrintScreen Festival, end of May, 2015.
The amazing team of Tribeca hacks lead us through the process of creation, 
from the first moments of deciding on which idea to choose and implement, 
to the rough moments late at night, when new energies need to evolve and gather the small loose parts...

Opeyame and all the TribecaHacks crew were there for us,
Holon Cinemateque facilities were there for us,
Print Screen Festival audience were there.

Alonely - The Making Of